9 Things a Man May Do If He Truly Loves You

A man who values your heart will be attentive to every word you speak and ensure that he is safe and respects you when you’re in a vulnerable situation.
Men are usually taught to feel uncomfortable expressing their feelings, but they reveal an aspect of themselves that they cannot resist expressing when they are in love. It is easy to determine if your partner truly loves you by the fact that he will not be able to conceal the feelings he has for you. Sometimes, his actions are more powerful than his words, and you will be able to see how much he cherishes you by the way you treat him. Here are a few pointers to be watching out for.
1.He is attentive to what you say.
A man who truly values you and loves you will cling to every word you speak from your mouth. He listens to what you say with complete attention because he is eager to meet you in person. He’s interested in knowing your favorite things and what motivates you, what your life was as a child and what you struggle with and what you’d like to see for. He doesn’t just listen to you but also keeps a record of everything you’ve said to him since you must be willing to share your thoughts with him.
2. What A Man Will Do For Love: He Will Pull The Trigger.
Men are expected to be masculine regardless of what the media might be saying regarding gender roles. Women will not be content with a man who does not have certain levels of masculinity.
One of the most important “masculine” traits is INITIATIVE.
The thing is, a man must take the initiative in pursuing you. If he does not, or you intervene to help him gain power and empowerment, the entire deck of cards called romance will likely fall apart.
Let me explain…
Let’s say you meet someone you’re interested in and declare your interest. He appears to be interested in you, and you decide to go out for some dates.
You’re likely to be uncertain about your position against him. Rightfully so! You were the one who took started the conversation, and it’s not clear whether he would have sought your permission if you hadn’t.
What would it feel like? Most likely to be horrible.
You’d feel vulnerable and insecure. After all, you’ve made your desire public, and now you must determine if he will take the initiative and take the initiative.
Hey, He doesn’t need to do much today. You did all the work for him! It’s more likely that he’s not going to pursue you because he’s pretty certain that he’s got your feelings in mind. (Yeah, Men are enticed even if they don’t know if you’re attracted.)
Do you realize that nothing could come from being the one who chases you?
It’s never a good thing with the lady who pursues the man.
Look for his enthusiasm to let you know whether or not he’s truly in love. Someone who is in love is taking the initiative to see things go well.
3.He is concerned about what you believe.

Your opinions and beliefs on crucial issues are vital to a man who loves you. He is interested in your thoughts on his appearance and his relationships with his friends, his goals and plans, as well as his convictions. He would like to know your thoughts about a variety of topics. He’s curious about your views on the subject of religion and politics, your preferred genre of music and the one you least like and your goals for the future of your relationship, and whether you’ll one day want children or not.
4. When A Man Loves A Woman: He Won’t Miss The Small Stuff.
Someone who is really attuned to you will be aware of the small things you are passionate about. He’ll be aware of it and attempt not just to meet you at the point you’re at but also draw you in.
An excellent example is a behavior.
He’ll make small – however important – adjustments in his conduct to let you know that he values you. Perhaps you’ve mentioned that you had an ex-partner you would go hiking with on weekends.
If he’s interested in you, he’ll put in the effort to get into better shape or will accompany you for walks.
5. He’s taking notes of what you love and what excites you, motivates you, and makes you feel happy.
If the moment is right, the man will try to impress you by displaying the improved aspect in his daily life.
He will show the behavior he believes you would like and do whatever inspires you to want him.He doesn’t contemplate “changing to satisfy you” “… just showing that he’s searching for your endorsement.
6.He will go the extra mile to help you.
It’s easy to determine whether someone is truly in love with you when they go beyond their means to show they care about you. Someone who loves you with his whole heart would always look for ways to make you feel happy. He’s willing to take care of your health when you’re sick, give you some sweet treats to make you smile when you’re feeling down, and even cancel other appointments so that he can be at your side whenever you need him.
7.He is a total supporter of your dreams.

Someone who is truly in love with you would like to see you succeed in all you do and do things that make you feel happy. He is there with you when you accomplish something and shares in the joy. He also provides you with a new source of motivation when you fall short and takes you back up, cleans you off, and inspires you to continue. Your goals are important to him, and he’s eager to join you when you reach new heights.
8.He is awed by the person you are the inside.

True love happens when two people love one another completely and not only because of their appearance as much as their personalities and their quirks, imperfections, their thoughts, and the small things that make them different. It is evident that your partner isn’t attracted by your appearance when he compliments the person you’re in the inner. He is a gentleman and gives you the respect and respect you deserve and cherishes every single bit of you that he can find out about.
9.He protects you from the pain.

His affection for you is real and genuine when he goes to the extremes he can to ensure that you do not go through pain, whether through his own hands or due to another reason. He is not happy to see people hurt and angry and wants nothing more than to shield himself from injury. He will help you through the most difficult moments and provide you with comfort to assist you through them.