16 Most Loyal Dog Breeds That Will Never Leave Your Side

Dogs are the most beloved companions. Many beautiful dogs can be included in this listing. However, the dogs in this listing are loyal to families all the way through. These are the 16 dogs with the highest loyalty in any order. As with every roundup on breeds, these selections are purely subjective but not complete! But we love every one of them.

The Great Pyrenees

Like many herding dog breeds, the Great Pyrenees is a loyal protector with a strong instinct to defend. Perfect as a name Falkor maybe? This dog and the corresponding breed Kuvasz are stunning, calm, intelligent, and extremely playful. The Great Pyrenees and the Kuvasz are excellent family dogs since they are incredibly patient. They require lots of early and regular training and mental stimulation similar to their sheep herding brethren.


The Collie is among the most loyal breeds, and the type originated in Scotland and Northern England. Collies are sensitive and intelligent dogs, and it is also on the list since it is equivalent to a pint-size Collie.


The Rottweiler has earned a lousy standing in films. However, these strong guard dogs are among the most loving, sweetest family dogs globally. They may be shy when they meet strangers, but they love their family members, and this is what you’re looking for.

German Shepherd

It’s no surprise to find this German Shepherd on this list. They are very loyal to the family and are so intelligent that they’re among the most employed breeds! Amazing dogs who have jobs.


Beagles have also received some media attention, and their popularity as loyal dogs has already been spread. This breed has been men’s best friends for many centuries. Yes, Snoopy was doing his thing, but he was incredibly committed and devoted to Charlie Brown.


The big, classy dogs of Japanese origin are active and brave. However, they are also incredibly affectionate and compassionate with kids (though they are a bit aloof around strangers). They will require lots of socialization early on. As young pups, they display an incredible similarity with bear cubs!

Labrador Retriever

Everyone knows that these friendly, hardworking water dogs have a love for their companions to the point that they want to rub their feet all the time.


This lively breed is “an enthusiast” who’s eager to take on whatever task you ask them to do. They’re often called spaniels, but they’re closer in character and genetics to a setter or pointer.


Boxers are extremely alert and active, making them an ideal protection breed. They are cautious of strangers, and you will be a fool to fight with this devoted, loving dog.


Although they are tiny, these sausage dogs protect their family with all their might—numerous stories of Dachshunds safeguarding their families from home fires or even battling bears. Breeded for hunting German badgers, They maintain their stubborn, curious nature of hunting, as well as lots of intelligence.

Golden Retriever

The calm, playful, and eager to please. highly trainable dogs that enjoy being with people. Golden Retrievers are always one of the top choices for family-friendly pets and therapy and service dogs. Allow this dog to be your friend. You won’t regret it.

Yorkshire Terrier

This adorable dog breed is among the smallest and one of the strongest. They are very connected to their owners and distrustful of strangers. Just one look into their adorable eyes will convince you that Yorkies shouldn’t be played with.

St. Bernard

If there’s anything we can learn through Beethoven is to know that. Bernards are affectionate pets that are loyal and family-oriented, and they are the breed that saves you from the snow after an avalanche and wears whiskey in its neck.


The Bulldog is known for being a bit stubborn, but owners soon discover that they’re attracted to you. This noble dog is fierce but also loving and a great guardian. They know who is responsible for cleaning their wrinkles.

Staffordshire Terrier

The Staffordshire Terrier aims to obey regardless of cost. Unfortunately, the breed is usually chosen as a dog for fighting due to their willingness to follow whatever is told. The owners will find the breed courageous, confident, and affectionate, as evidenced by many of their admirers.


Chihuahuas will be with you until the end of time. According to legend, they’re the dog breed that leads you to heaven. As their lifespan is long, it appears they’re determined to see their mission through. Chihuahuas tend to be very connected to one particular person who causes several Chihuahua owners to weep, “he’s different whith us only!”